eBook Admin: Create a New User

This article describes how you can create an eBook account for new teacher. At the same time you create the account, you can assign the teacher a teacher eBook. You can also allow the teacher to be a license provider of student ebooks for the courses he/she is teaching.

The video below describes the process for creating a new user and assigning the teacher eBooks and permission to be a licence provider of student eBooks.

1. Create a New User:

  • eBook Admins
  • Users
  • Create New User
  • Add Existing User (Use when the email already exists in ELS)
Login and go to:

1.1. Choose the New Teacher's Permissions:

  • District Permissions
  • School
  • School Permissions
  • Click 'Save'

1.2. Choose eBooks for the teacher.

Select eBooks for the teacher.

1.3. Select the student eBooks the teacher needs to issue to students.

Select eBooks that allows the teacher to be a license provider of student eBooks.