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Schoology Process

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Use the process on this page to integrate your district's Schoology LMS with CPM.

IMPORTANT: Before you start these steps, first perform the CPM Process (link) steps. That process creates the Consumer Key and Shared Secret information that you will enter in Schoology.

Open a browser and log into Schoology if not already logged in. If needed, start by creating the course you need in Schoology.

1. From the Course window

Access the Course Options menu and click External Tool Providers. In the popup, click Add External Tool Provider.

If adding at a system wide level Go here instead:

  1. As a System Administrator, go to System Settings > Integration > External Tools.

2. Fill out the Add External Tool Provider form as follows:

  • Tool Name: CPM eBooks
  • Consumer Key: Paste in the Consumer Key
  • Shared Secret: Paste in the Shared Secret
  • Privacy: Send Name and Email/Username of user who launched course
  • Configuration Type: Manual
  • Match By: URL
  • Domain/URL: https://lti.cpm.org/
  • Custom Parameters: leave blank

Click Submit.

3. Make CPM eBooks accessible

  1. Schoology returns to the Course page. To make CPM eBooks accessible for that course, click Add Materials and choose Add File/Link/External Tool.
  2. In the popup, choose External Tool.
  3. In the Add External Tool window, open the Tool Provider dropdown. Choose the Tool Provider name that you set in step 2 (CPM eBooks). The other fields in the window fill in automatically.
  4. Click Submit.

Now when teachers and students access the course, the CPM eBook will be available in Schoology. Access will be seamless.

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