Teacher eWorkspace Dashboard and Workflow

This article describes the workflow of the Teacher eWorkspace Dashboard and its features.

Video Introduction

1. Access the Teacher Admin eWorkspace
  • In the teacher eBook, navigate to the chapter and lesson that students are working on.
  • At the top of the lesson just above the lesson number is a link, Teacher Admin.
  • Click Teacher Admin link to enter the Teacher Admin eWorkspace.
CPM eBooks - CC Course 1 Lesson 4.1.3
2. Understanding the Dashboard

The dashboard is the starting point for all of a teacher's classes and eBooks.

  1. Select either CLASSES or EBOOKS to display either the classes or the eBooks you have.
  2. Then select the class/ebook to display the lessons and number of submissions.
  3. Then select the lesson or the number of submissions in parentheses to go directly to the submissions.
3. Select by Class & Problem
  1. If you are not in the Dashboard, click the arrow next to Back to Dashboard.
  2. Click SELECTIONS.
CPM Hermes
  1. Select your class, chapter, and lesson.
  2. Click the blue button, SELECT.
5. Review a submission
  1. Click REVIEWED once the student work has been looked over. If you want to give the student feedback, click the checkbox.  
  2. If desired, select a Level of Understand.  Click ADD to get a textbook to type student feedback.
  3. Add your comments.  Then click SAVE.

NOTE: if you change your mind and want to give feedback after clicking REVIEWED, you will have and opportunity to edit REVIEWED work. However, you can only add new feedback rather than edit previously written feedback to the student.

6. Look over or edit reviewed submissions
  1. Click on the REVIEWED to view problems you have reviewed.
  2. Click EDIT to change your feedback.
CPM Hermes