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Sticky Licenses

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Sticky licenses allow you to provide digital curriculum access to teachers that would not otherwise receive one through the automated rostering process.   Common uses include providing access to a teacher before or after the teacher's class dates, or assign licenses to a co-teacher for a class.  Sticky licenses do occupy a digital curriculum license.

Steps to assign sticky licenses:

  1. Once logged in at integrations.cpm.org choose EDIT on the Sticky Licenses tile from the dashboard.
  1. Select the Primary School for the license assignee from the dropdown list.
  1. Select a rostered teacher from the Auto Populate Teacher dropdown list.
  2. Select GO to Manually Enter a new account.
    1. Add the First Name, Last Name, Email and Login for the new account.  Email and Login must match the format required for your SSO - see the green help note on step 2 above.
  1. Select a digital curriculum license from the Add License dropdown menu.  Before selecting the license, you have the option to switch from a teacher license to a student license.
    1. The dropdown list defaults to teacher licenses. Select student to switch to a student license assignment for staff.
  2. Repeat step 6 to add additional license.
  3. Select SAVE when Sticky Licenses assignment(s) are complete.
  4. You can also remove Sticky Licenses.

Sticky licenses will automatically assign during the nightly sync.  To immediately assign the new sticky license use the RESYNC button.

  1. From the Last License Sync tile on the dashboard select view.
  2. To assign new sticky licenses select RESYNC.
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