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Override Term Date


Override Term Date allows you to view staged data and provide eBook access when a term is not currently active.   Common uses include reviewing rostered data before a term starts and providing access before the rostered data's class dates.  

When would you use this?  

  • If you are setting up for the next term and want to review the staged data from the roster import prior to the class start dates.
  • If your classes have not started and you want to provide access to eBooks before the term.

Steps to add an override term date:

  1. Once logged in at integrations.cpm.org choose Integration Paused or Integration Enabled on the Integration Status tile from the dashboard.
  1. In the Overrides tile select the calendar icon to access the calendar.
  2. Select the needed date and OK.
  3. Save.

Be sure to remove the override date once the date has passed.  A forgotten override date can cause issues when a new term starts.

Steps to view stage data:

Once you have added an override date you will need to import the roster data to populate the staged data for review.

  1. Select View on the Last Roster Import tile.
  1. Select Manual Import to begin the import for the data based on the override date.
  2. You will receive a notification that the import has started.
  1. Use a hard refresh to update the page in your browser (shift + refresh). Once the import has completed you can access the Import Reports to see the Staged Results for the classes.
  2. Class rosters are visible by selecting the ClassId.
  3. If you would like your license assignments made immediately, select Sync Licenses.  Otherwise the licenses will assign during the nightly syncs.

If your integration is set to paused the nightly syncs are paused. Licenses will not be assigned by automated rostering.

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