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eWorkspace: Student workflow for Submitting Work

This article describes methods for students to submit work for problems found within their CPM eBook.

Video Introduction

1. Choose Text or Upload Image.
  1. Below the eWorkspace line at the bottom, right of each problem, click "New Entry".
  2. Select either text, upload image, or x-out to go back.


  1. Enter plain text.
  2. Access the equation editor.
  3. Click Submit to send to the teacher.
  4. To view your answer that was sent, click the ARROW at the far right.
  5. To Edit or Delete.
  6. To add more to your answer, click New Entry. This will allow you to select between Text or Upload Image.


After clicking New Entry as shown in the image above, choose either Test or Upload Image.

  1. This time, choose Upload Image.
  2. Find the file on you computer. Select it to upload to eWorkspace.
  3. Once in eWorkspace, click Submit.
2. Revise submitted answer.
  1. Click the content arrows to view the original entry.
  2. Click "Edit" or "Delete" for text or "Delete" for image.

When students use the EDIT or DELETE feature, the original submitted answer is NOT erased, but rather archived for the teacher. Thus the teacher has all versions of the student answers.

  1. For text edit, type the revision.  Then click, Submit, or click the cancel button if desired.
  2. To delete images or text, click the Delete as shown above.  Then click the DELETE button below the image.
CPM eBooks - CC Course 1 Lesson 2.1.1
3. View previous submissions (Archived)
  1. Click "Show Archived" to view previous submissions.
  2. Once you have clicked "Show Archived", you have notification of the entry. Click the arrow to actually view the entry.
  3. Click "Hide Archived" to hide previous submissions!
4. Find Teacher Feedback

Teacher comments will always appear under the student work.  Click the arrows to view the comments.

  1. Date the teacher reviewed the student work
  2. Closed Teacher feedback (Click the arrow once to open, again to close)
  3. Open Teacher feedback (Click the arrow once to open, again to close)