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Download participant Certificate of Completion

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This article describes how to download a Certificate of Completion.

1. Go to CPM's Professional Learning Portal.

  • From https://my.cpm.org/ or your eBook splash page.
  • Click the social media button if you usually sign in that way (or)

  • Type in your username and password.  Then click the green 'Login' button.

2. Navigate to your profile.

  • Select your Profile from the drop down menu that has your name.

3. Find the section labeled Miscellaneous.

  • Click on “My certificates” in the Miscellaneous section.

4. Find the Live Learning Event or On-Demand Module you wish to download a certificate from.

  • The Live Learning Event or On-Demand Module is listed in the “Module” column.

  • Click the download button in the “File” column.

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