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Probability Tools (CPM)

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1. Spinners:

  • Drag one or more spinners to the board.
  • Resize the spinners.
  • Choose color, number of sections, and labels.
  • Hide subdivisions.
  • Create Mystery Spinners.
  • Click the spinners to spin.

2. Dice:

  • Drag one or more dice to the board.
  • Choose dice color.
  • Redesign the die with a variety of color, dot numbers, or Arabic numbers.
  • Click each die to spin.

3. Bag:

  • Drag one or more bags to the board.
  • Choose the number, shape, and color of bag contents.
  • Choose with or without replacement.
  • Choose the number of items to draw.
  • When finished, click the bad to shake and draw.

4. Coins:

  • Coins are labelled "H" for Heads and "T" for Tails.
  • Choose the color.
  • Drag one or more coins to the board.
  • Click each of them to spin.

5. Standard Deck of Cards:

  • Drag one or more decks to the board.
  • Choose with or without replacement and the number of cards draw at once.
  • Modify the deck by eliminating specific cards or entire suits or number.
  • Click the deck to draw the cards.


Standard Deck of Cards:

6. Random Number Generator:

  • Drag the random number generator to the board.
  • Indicate the number of integers to generate.
  • Indicate the range for each random number.
  • Click to randomize.
Random Number Generator:
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