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Interactive Whiteboard Support

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CPM offers Full Screen Mode from the eBook to support teachers use of interactive whiteboards and just presenting the eBook to students in a decluttered screen. In this mode you can activate the interactive whiteboards feature to write on the projected eBook and other features offered by the particular interactive whiteboard that is connected.

Toggle between Full Screen view & Toolbar view

You can hide the toolbars to allow for a larger viewing area.  This is particularly good for viewing on mobile devices or projecting pages to students viewing from the back of the room.

Full Screen Mode

Click the square icon just below the search bar to go into full screen mode.

CPM eBooks - CC Course 1 Lesson 1.1.2

Toolbar Mode

Click the icon with 4 inward facing arrows at the upper right to view the toolbars.

CPM eBooks - CC Course 1 Lesson 1.1.2
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