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This tutorial is an introduction to the Digital Platform for the Inspiring Connections Series.

1. Locating Desired Lesson

1.1. Login at my.cpm.org. Select Inspiring Connections.

CPM Learning Platform

1.2. After selecting your textbook, find your chapter and lesson.

Method 1:

  • Use the arrows on either side of the carousel to move to the next or previous lesson.
  • Click "Go to Lesson" once the lesson is located.


CPM Learning Platform

Method 2: Select the Chapter and Lesson from the Table of Contents.

  1. Click on the "Table of Contents" at the upper right corner.
  2. When the blue box comes up, select a chapter from the menu at left. Then select a lesson.
  3. Click on "Go to Lesson" for the desired lesson.


CPM Learning Platform
2. Once in a lesson, choose "Plan" or "Teach" Tab.

2.1. PLAN Tab

Teachers should use the Plan tab to plan the lesson. This view contains the Lesson at a Glance section as well as the Author's Vision and Reminders.

  1. Access previous or future lessons.
  2. Access to additional resources.
  3. Switch between "Plan" and "Teach".
  4. Each lesson has:
    • Lesson At A Glance (Teacher Notes)
    • Launch (Class Lesson)
    • Explore (Class Lesson)
    • Closure (Class Lesson)
    • Reflection and Practice (Homework)
CPM Learning Platform

2.2. Teach Tab

Teachers use the Teach tab to:

  • Start a class
    • Set up random teams if needed.
    • Set up pacing if desired.
  • Teachers use the Teach tab on a mobile device walking about the classroom so that they can "pace" the lesson on the fly for students.
  • Teachers will see all of the problems, answers, and have access to Reminders and Author's Vision.
  • Students would be seeing only the Student View on their devices including only problems allowed through pacing.
  • Teachers can view what students are seeing from Student View located in the Resources as shown in the image #2 above.
  1. Access previous or future lessons.
  2. Access to additional resources.
  3. Switch between "Plan" and "Teach".
  4. Each Teach lesson has:
    • Start a Class (Allows for Pacing)
    • Lesson Overview (Includes reminders/author's vision as needed)
      • Launch (Class Lesson)
      • Explore (Class Lesson)
      • Closure (Class Lesson)
      • Reflection and Practice (Homework)
CPM Learning Platform
3. Creating Student Teams

3.1. Start a Class

  1. Choose the Teach Tab.
  2. Select "Start a Class".
  3. Select one of your classes in the list.


3.2. Create and Randomize Teams

  1. Select "No Teams". You will find a list of the students enrolled in your class. Click the "Select all" or select individual students for teams.
  2. Click "Create Teams."
  3. Your teams will show.  Note that in this class of 18, three teams of 4 and two teams of 3 were created. You will never have a team of 1!
  4. You can change the number of students per team selecting from 2 per team, 3 per team, or 4 per team.
  5. Click "Randomize" to get a different set of teams.

Note: Currently, teams are not saved.

CPM Learning Platform
4. Pacing After Starting a Class

4.1. Set the class time.

  • Indicate the number of minutes for you class session.
  • Once the time has elapsed, the pacing session will end.

4.2. Controlling Pacing

Click any section in the quick navigation bar at the right to scroll through.  Either a closed eye or an open eye is at the right of each section or problem and their parts.  Click the "eye" to open or close it.  A closed eye disables student view for that problem or part.  An open eye enables students to view.

  1. The "Show All" enables students to view the entire lesson.  
  2. This is an open eye.  Therefore, students are able to view the problem root of problem 5-21.
  3. This is a closed eye.  The students are not able to view part a.
  4. The scroll arrows allow the teacher to move between problems.

Click on any other section to scroll through that content enabling or disabling student view.

CPM Learning Platform
5. Troubleshooting

5.1. Student or teacher page does not show updates.

Students and/or teachers should refresh the page in their browser.

IC Curriculum | Teacher: CPM eBooks (Teacher Version) | CPM Teacher Tutorials

5.2. Teacher has lost the active class lesson.

If you start browsing other lessons, a green dot next to the active class allows you to easily find and enter the class lesson.

CPM Learning Platform

5.3. Student has lost the active class lesson.

Once you have started your class, a green message appears within the student's digital book. When the student clicks the link, the class lesson and problems are automatically visible to him.

CPM Learning Platform

5.4. Students are missing from the class you are starting.

When choosing new teams and students are not showing, it is possible the last class session was not terminated.

  1. In the "Teach" tab, click the arrow to the right of the class name.
  2. Click "None/End all" to terminate any previously opened class

Then retry the class you want and create teams.  Your students should appear in the list.

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