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This tutorial is an introduction to the Content Delivery Platform for the Inspiring Connections Series.

Locating Desired Lesson and Class for Pacing

1. Login and select Curriculum.

CPM Learning Platform

2. Find your chapter and lesson.

Method 1: Use the arrows on either side of the carousel to move to the next or previous lesson.

Note: This method will allow access to the class and setup pacing. Go to Lesson allows you to view the lesson whereas clicking on a class allows you to set up pacing for that class. (See pacing below.)

CPM Learning Platform

Method 2: Select the Chapter and Lesson from the Index.

Note: This method allows direct access to the lesson.

Note: This method will NOT allow access to the class to enable pacing.


CPM Learning Platform

3. Click on "Go To Lesson" to view the Lesson Structure and Lesson.

  1. Each lesson has:
    • Lesson At A Glance
    • Launch
    • Lesson
    • Closure
    • Reflection and Practice
  2. Icons at the top right allow the teacher to:
    • Person Icon: Access the student lesson view.
    • Paper Stack icon: Configure pacing for the lesson.
    • Bookmark icon: View/hide teacher notes.
  3. Arrow at the bottom left minimizes or expands the left margin bar.
CPM Learning Platform
Set Pacing for Students During Class Time

Pacing allows the teacher to control which problems the students can view at a particular time and duration. At the end of the duration time, students will be able to view the entire lesson.

1. Select a particular class.

  1. Choose the class.
  2. Select the duration.
  3. Choose problems for pacing.
  4. View students logged into the class
CPM Learning Platform

2. Pacing After Starting Lesson

  1. At least one problem MUST be selected for pacing before the teacher clicks "Start Lesson".
  2. Clicking the paper stack icon will switch from black to blue or vise-a-versa enabling or disabling the student view.  When blue, the student can see the problem.  When black, the problem is temporarily hidden from students.
  3. Click the paper stack icon at the upper right to end pacing enabling students to see the entire lesson.
CPM Learning Platform
CPM Learning Platform
CPM Learning Platform

1. Student or teacher page does not show updates.

Students and/or teachers should refresh the page in their browser.

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2. Teacher has lost the active class lesson.

If you start browsing other lessons, a green dot next to the active class allows you to easily find and enter the class lesson.

CPM Learning Platform

3. Student has lost the active class lesson.

Once you have started your class, a green message appears within the student's digital book. When the student clicks the link, the class lesson and problems are automatically visible to him.

CPM Learning Platform
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