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Create Practice Test: 8. Add User Created Graphics

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This article describes how you can add your own graphics to a test.

1. Add a graph to your device:

Choose a graphic of your choice.

2. Change problem number 5 and add your own graphic.

Change problem number 5 to read: Work as a team to find the equation of this graph:

  1. Then, click the image icon.
  2. Browse your device for the graphic.
  3. Add file.
  4. Upload your file.  You will need to browse your drive to find the file. Select it. The name of your file should appear next to 'Choose Files."
  5. Then select your file so that the background color is blue.  Then click 'Select.'
  6. You can alter the width, height, add a border, and select the alignment as you choose. Click 'ok' when complete.
Change problem number 5 and add your own graphic.
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