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Using Google Instant Translate

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This article demonstrates how to add Google Instant Translate to your Chrome browser allowing students to choose their language to translate text from CPM ebooks to another language.

1. Add the extension to your Chrome Browser.

  • Go into Chrome.
  • Click the three vertical dots below your name at the right.
  • Click 'More Tools'.
  • Click 'Extensions'.

2. In the search bar of the extensions, type: Instant Translate

3. Start Using:

  • Notice the blue square with 'it' on your toolbar at the right.
  • After selecting text to translate, press 'Shift + T'.
  • You can use it on a variety of platforms.

4. Once in the eBooks, click the blue square with the 'it' logo in the upper right corner.

  • Choose your language the text will be translated to.
  • Scroll down to find the language of your choice.
  • Be sure you actually click the name of the language to select it!

5. Translate instantly:

  • Highlight text.
  • Press 'Shift' 'T'
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