CPM Teacher eBook Tour & Video

The Teacher Edition eBook is actually a Student Edition with additional tabs and a teacher section.  Be sure to view the Student eBook Tour & Video before watching the Teacher eBook Tour & Video which is an extension of the first video. CPM is constantly updating the eBooks, so you may notice differences in the sections and tabs of your eBook versus the videos.

This tutorial and video describes the overall structure and components of a Teacher Edition CPM eBook. The video represents the structure, but may not be the course ordered.

Introduction Video

Click on the video to watch an introduction to the CPM Teacher Edition eBook. Be sure you can view the entire video by pressing simultaneously both the control (mac:command) button and the "+" to enlarge or "-" to reduce the size of the video!

Components may be reviewed in the notes below it.

1. Answer Tab

The Answer Tab has two components: 1) Answers for the student class lesson and 2) Homework answers after the Review and Preview section.

Answer Tab

2. Teacher Notes Tab

The teacher Notes Tab provides the following support sections.

Teacher Notes Tab

2.1. Course Structure

A Quick Reference Guide has links to all of the sections in the Teacher tab as well as research articles discussing  cooperative learning, Problem-Based learning, Spaced Practice, and more!

Course Structure

2.2. Course Preparation

This is a great place for teachers new to CPM to start.  It includes the Quick Start Guide, course preparation, materials needed for the course, and the timeline for each chapter.

Course Preparation

2.3. Teacher Support

Linked support materials include: Selected Answers for homework, Smart Board files, eTools for all chapters, chapter and lesson mathcast videos, resource pages (pdf), Parent Guide (pdf), and professional development links.

Teacher Support

2.4. Closure

Find ideas for lesson and chapter closure as well as numerous ideas for summarizing student learning.


2.5. Assessment

Sample team and individual tests can be downloaded here.  Your eBook username and password is your login for the Assessment Site where you can create and save custom tests and quizzes. There are many more assessment ideas to support you and your students.


2.6. Team Support

Achieving effective study teams can be a challenge for teachers who have not used teams before.  This section provides support and ideas for effective study teams.

Team Support

2.7. Strategies

Scroll through a plethora of study team and teaching strategies providing numerous ideas for engaging students in your classroom.


2.8. Universal Access

This tab provides ideas for supporting various student populations.

Universal Access

2.9. Literacy

The Literacy Resource Guide describes numerous ideas to support students with a variety of literacy challenges as well as great suggestions for students struggling with reading.