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eBook Admin: 'Faculty Enrollment PINs' Page

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From the 'Faculty Enrollment Pins' Page, the eBook Admin can:

Using a PIN to assign a teacher a license is BEST in these cases:

  • At the beginning of the school year after teachers have been assigned their teaching schedules.
  • When there are numerous teachers and manually assigning would be a lot of work.
  • When there are new teachers or teachers at workshops who are not associated with the district.
  1. Teachers should NEVER leave the PIN in plain sight. It is a potential security risk allowing anyone with the PIN to access a teacher edition.  Best practices are to:
    • Periodically check the names of teachers with teacher eBook licenses under the License Report menu.
    • Disable the PIN after all teachers have accessed their eBooks.
    • NOTE: A PIN is only valid for one week.  Once a teacher receives the eBook, it will be in their name until it is removed! You can either create another PIN after the week or manually assign teacher eBooks.
  2. If teachers select more eBooks than available licenses, you may need to:
    • Go to: Reports --> License Report
    • Select the eBook title.
    • Scroll down to view a list of teachers with that license and remove it from teachers who are not actually teaching the course this year.
  3. If you do NOT want a teacher to assign student licenses:
    • Go to: Manage License Providers
    • Select Set License Restrictions in the blue bar near the top of the page.
    • Select the teacher.
    • Deselect any licenses you do not want them to assign to students.
  4. Teachers will not lose their notes from previous years even if the eBook license is assigned to someone else because the notes are tied to a login and NOT to a license!
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