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eBook Admin: Find Specific Class information

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This article discusses information available for classes in the eBook admin view.

Select a class.

  • Click on the class title (or)
  • Click 'View'.

On the 'Students' tab:

  1. PIN
  2. Regenerate a new PIN
  3. Disable the Enrollment PIN
  4. Add a Student
  5. Upload a Class Roster
  6. Download a Current Roster
  7. View a student
  8. Reset a student Password
  9. Remove an eBook from a student (by removing the student from the class)

On the 'Books' tab:

  1. Find the assigned eBook.
  2. Replace an eBook.
  3. Add an eBook.
  4. View the remaining licenses to assign.

On the 'Info' tab:

  1. Find the Name and Description.
  2. Find the status and Start/End Dates of the class. (Note: eBooks expire on the end date of the class.)
  3. Find the school and replace a Teacher.
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