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eBook Admin: Manually Assign Teacher License Page

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Click on the link below to access the tutorial.

From this Page, the eBook Admin can:

Manually assign a teacher a license is best in these cases:

  • The teacher is already associated with your district/school.
  • You want to make quick adjustments to license assignments.
  1. Teachers not already associated with your district/school cannot be manually assigned a license. In this case, create a faculty enrollment PIN.  Teachers enrolling with a PIN will become associated with your district/school.
  2. If you have a large number of teachers who need to be assigned an eBook at the beginning of a term, create a faculty enrollment PIN. It will:
    • Allow teachers to select the eBooks they need.
    • Make them license providers for student eBooks. (This DOES not give them a student eBook.  It just gives them access to student eBooks to assign to students.)
    • Remove any eBooks they do not request from their account thereby freeing up eBooks to assign to other teachers.
Select an existing teacher:
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