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eBook Admin: Review License Counts & Contracts

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The License Report allows the eBook Admin to review license counts, contracts (POs) associated with each license, and expirations of the contracts.

1. Go to Reports --> License Report.

  • Search for a particular license
  • Select the License Pool (If there is more than one)
  • Select the radial button in front of the license name.
  • Collapse the 'Users' and 'License Providers' foldable arrow to view the 'Contracts' more easily.
  • View the number of licenses from the various contracts.

2. Click any contract to get additional information.

Click on any listed PO to view PO details including:

  • A pie chart of the licenses included in the PO.
  • Contract duration and expiration.
  • A list of all licenses included in the PO.
Scroll down a bit further after the listed teachers to find all PO's associated with the selected license type.

3. Report any discrepancies on license counts.

Report any discrepancies on license counts.
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