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eBook Admin: Find License Information

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The License Report has a lot of valuable information to help the eBook Admin problem solve issues. Not only are all of the license counts available, but all users who have been assigned each license including the expiration date of the license are displayed. You can also find the POs associated with each license.

1. Go to Reports --> License Report.

  • The 'Total' column indicates the number of licenses purchased that are available.
  • The 'Remaining' column indicated the number of licenses still available to assign to a user.
  • Click on any of the headings to sort by that column!

3. Click on a license type. Then scroll down to view 3 categories of info:

  • First, a list of users for the selected license type will appear below.
  • Second, a list of License Providers indicates which staff is allowed to assign students the license selected.
  • Finally, a list of contracts (POs) which have the selected license as a purchase can be viewed.

4. Report any discrepancies on license counts.

Report any discrepancies on license counts.
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