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eBook Admin: Find Classes

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This article describes where you can find/search for current classes and past classes for all of the teachers under your purview. You can filter by teacher or by school. You can sort by any of the column headings.

Find Classes from the 'Classes' Menu under 'eBook Admins'
Find Current or Past Classes
  • For organizational purposes the Current and Past Classes are housed in different tabs.
  • Past classes are for your reference.  You may want to delete some of these periodically.
Filter and Sort Classes

You can filter classes by the column headings Name, Teacher, PIN, Start Date, End Date or School by selecting the word. The triangle indicates which column is being sorted as well as the direction i.e. A to Z or Z to A.

Find Classes from the 'Class Report' Menu under 'Reports"
  • Find all classes in Reports --> Class Report
  • In the 'Search Classes' field, type in say a teacher's last name to narrow the number of classes down.
  • As a school, decide on class naming protocols to help when using a filter.

2. Use the arrows next to the column labels to sort.

  • Sort by Name, PIN, Teacher, End Date, or School.
  • Change the page number or use the arrows to advance or reverse through pages.
  • Change the number of results shown per page.

3. If you know the PIN, filter by the PIN code.

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