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eBook Admin: View Class - Student Tab

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This articles describes all of the various features of a class found in the 'Student Tab'.

Change a Student's Password

Click the 'Reset Password' to the right of the student's username.

  • Verify that you really want to reset the password by clicking 'Reset Password'.
  • The password is always reset to the username. So it is easy for the teacher to tell the student that his username and password are now the same.
  • When the student logs in again, he will be asked to reset his password.
Add a Student

While it is easier to give a class a student enrollment PIN to access their ebooks, on occasion a new student enters your classroom. In this case, adding a student directly may be the quickest way to get the new student his materials to start your class.

  • If a student enrolled the previous year or transferred from another class at your school, he may already be in the system.  
  • Search for the student and select him from the list.
  • Then click 'Add Student'.  The student will receive all of the eBooks associated with the class.

If no matching student shows in the search list, he is probably a new student at your school. Click 'Create New Student'.

  1. Select a username that is accepted by our system as indicated when the green check mark shows.
  2. An email is required so that students can retrieve their passwords should they forget it.  However, student emails are not kept in plain text in our system and are not retrievable. The green checkmark indicates that no other user in our system has the same encrypted email.
  3. Choose a password easy for you to remember to give to the student.  The student will change the password when they login unless they login through the Google button.  

The new student account will now be listed in your class list.


Remove a Student

Navigate to a class where you have a student to remove.

  • Removing a student is effectively removing the class licenses from the student.
  • Click on the 'Remove' button to the right of the student's row.
  • Check out other pages where you can remove student licenses.
Upload a Class Roster

1. Create a class.

In the Student Tab of your class Click 'Upload Student List.


2. Create a .csv file with the exact headings indicated below.

  • You will use only the first 4 columns.
  • The 4 column title headers are required.
  • Do not have additional text anywhere else on the sheet other than the information described.
Create a .csv file with the exact headings indicated below.
2.1. Be sure you save the file as a .csv file.
  • Always SELECT the file type.
  • The file type is usually located below the file name.
  • See examples below from Open Office, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets.


Be sure you save the file as a .csv file.
2.2. Choose the file.  Then upload it.
Choose the file.  Then upload it.

3. Check to see if the upload for all students are successful.

  • If all students uploaded successfully, click 'Close'.
  • Be sure to note the passwords if you need to supply them to your students.  Students who sign-in through SSO will not need passwords.

Note: The password for any new account is the student's first name and last name, one word without spaces, and all letters lowercase. See example below. The students will be prompted to reset their password the first time they login.

3.1. Students are now listed in the section 'Class Students'.
  1. The teacher can download a Current Roster.
  2. The teacher can reset a student's password by clicking the 'Reset Password' button.


  • The default passwords are the students' first and last name combined in one word all lowercase. Students will reset their passwords the first time they login.
  • The accounts are good for as many years the student needs it.
  • The eBook for the class will be in the students' accounts until the class expires.
Download Current Roster
  • This works best in Chrome.
  • Click the 'Download Student List'.
  • The roster will go to your downloads.
  • It will open in Excel.
Find/Disable the PIN
  • The PIN is the 5 character code located on the 'Students' tab.
  • If all of the students have enrolled in your class, there is  no need to keep the PIN active. Click 'Disable' to disable the PIN.
  • You may also 'Regenerate' your class PIN to disable the old PIN and create a new PIN for your class.
View a Student Account

The eBook admin can view information about a particular student within the CPM eBook Licensing System (ELS).

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