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How Do I Select Questions for a Test?

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1. From the Testbank, Choose Course, Chapter, and Topics

Choose Course, Chapter, and Topics

2. Before clicking on "Search", Choose:

  • The Problem type: Individual/Team/or both and Difficulty.
  • Search results per page:
Before clicking on "Get Questions", Choose:

3. Select Questions:

  • Add a question to cart individually with the 'Add to Cart' button.
  • Choose 'Select All', then 'Check All' and finally 'Add Selected to Cart', to add all questions on the current page to your cart. Note: questions on additional pages will not be selected with the 'Select All' or 'Check All' button.  Increase your 'Search results per page:' to add more problems at once.
  • Once all questions have been added to your cart, choose 'Checkout' to save your test.
Select Questions and Save:

4. Save as New Problem Set or Add to Existing Problem Set.

  • Type a name for your New Problem Set and click 'Create'.
  • Or, select an Existing Problem Set to add to.
  • Last, you can Review Cart to remove an unwanted problems.
To add to an existing set of questions:
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