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How Do I Add to an Existing Test?

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Once you have created a test, you can choose other questions to add to it.  Follow the steps below.

1. Choose the chapter and category or categories.

1. Choose the chapter and category or categories.

2. Select Questions

2. Select Questions

Check any question you want to add to your test or click 'Check all' to quickly check all questions.

Next click 'Add Selected to Cart'.

Last click 'Checkout'.

3. Save to an existing set.

Select the existing problem set you wish to add to.  

Do not enter a new problem set name in the box above unless you want to start a new test.

CPM recommends every test contains problems from previous chapters in order for students to maintain and practice topics learned earlier.  Repeat the process of expanding and selecting questions from previous chapters until your test is complete.  

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