How Do I Delete or Rename a Test or Problem Set?

In the Testbank, select "Review Saved Sets."

In the Testbank, select "Review Saved Sets."

1. Delete a Question Set

Click the check box next the question set you want to delete. Next click the 'Delete Selected Sets' button.

Click "CC3 Ch1 Practice Quiz" that you have previously saved.

2. Delete a Test Version

Click a question set to see the test versions saved from the question set. Next chose the test you want to delete.

Click on "Create New Test Version."

3. Rename a Question Set or Test

Click a test name.


On the 'REVIEW PROBLEM SET' screen edit the 'Set Name' and click 'Rename Set' to save the new name.

Note: There are also options to edit the questions associated with the problem set.

The 'ONLINE EDITOR' tab allows you to edit the test.

Creating a new test version goes into "Settings."