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Teacher Role: Create a Class & Student Enrollment Pin? (Legacy Interface)

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This article describes the steps to create a class and assign students eBooks using a class PIN.  To create student accounts and assign eBook by uploading a .csv file see the article: How Do You Assign Student eBooks Uploading a .csv File?

The following video shows how to create a Student Enrollment Pin allowing students to access their eBook.

1. Go to: https://my.cpm.org and sign in.

  1. Click 'eBook Licensing System' in the Account Management section.
  2. Click the 'Manage My Classes'.
  3. Click 'Create a new Class'.

2. Create a new class.

  1. Type in the class name.
    Tip: For easy searching include the teacher's name, eBook abbreviation, and the section/period number.
  2. Click the calendar icon to select the Class Start and End Dates.
  3. Select a school from the drop down menu.
  4. Select a teacher from the drop down menu.
    Note: The default is yourself.
  5. Select an eBook from the drop down menu.
  6. Click 'Save'.

Note: If no eBook shows, contact your Contract Admin. You must be made a License Provider for the eBook you need.

3. You will get a 5 character PIN.

  • Give the students the Pin Number.
  • Ask the students to go to https://my.cpm.org. Below the white login box, select 'Register'.
  • The Pin Number is stored with the class information.  Just click the link of any class to view information.
  • Students tab – Add students directly, upload/download student lists, view/manage students.
  • Books tab – Add, replace, or delete CPM eBooks for your students.
    Note: All students receive/lose eBooks as you add and remove the eBooks.
  • Info tab – View Class information.
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