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eBook Admin: Manually Assign a Teacher a License

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This article explains the process for manually assigning a teacher a license. This option should be used when there are only a few teachers who need licenses.  Otherwise, creating a faculty enrollment PIN is quicker for a large number of teachers especially at the beginning of the school year.

1. Find the menu item for manually assigning teacher licenses.

2. Select an existing teacher:

  • Search for name.
  • Select the teacher.  Line becomes BLUE.

Note: If teacher is NOT in the list, the teacher does not have a cpm account.  Go to 'Users' and 'Create a New User'.

Select an existing teacher:

3. Select:

RED: Teacher eBooks for the teacher

BLUE: Allow the teacher to become a Student License Provider in order to set up a class and assign students their eBooks.

4. Set the expiration date (Optional).

  • Click the Calendar icon.
  • Use the arrow button to find the correct year, month, and day.
Set the expiration date (Optional).
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