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eBook Admin: Tips For Manually Assigning Licenses

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This article gives additional tips and notes for assigning licenses.

Tips for Assigning Teacher Licenses

Manually assign a teacher a license is best in these cases:

  • The teacher is already associated with your district/school.
  • You want to make quick adjustments to license assignments.
  1. Teachers not already associated with your district/school cannot be manually assigned a license. In this case, create a faculty enrollment PIN.  Teachers enrolling with a PIN will become associated with your district/school.
  2. If you have a large number of teachers who need to be assigned an eBook at the beginning of a term, create a faculty enrollment PIN. It will:
    • Allow teachers to select the eBooks they need.
    • Make them license providers for student eBooks. (This DOES not give them a student eBook.  It just gives them access to student eBooks to assign to students.)
    • Remove any eBooks they do not request from their account thereby freeing up eBooks to assign to other teachers.
Tips for Assigning Student Licenses

Teachers can manually assign a student a license.

  1. In the Student Tab of any created class, clicking the blue 'Add a Student'  button. Search for the student. Select the student. Then add to the class.  The student will have access to the class eBook.
  2. If the student is brand new to your school, click the 'Add a Student' button.  Click the 'Create New Student' Button and create an account for the student.  Then add the student to the class.
  3. The 'Add a Student' button is best used to quickly add students who are new to your class or the school.

A student enrollment PIN is best used at the beginning of the term because it is faster and more convenient with large numbers of students.

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