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eBook Admin: Add an Existing User

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This article describes how you can add a user with your school's domain who does not show on your list of users but who is clearly in the CPM system of users. This can happen when a teacher attends a workshop getting a temporary eBook using their school's email. The teacher receives the temporary eBook, but the teacher's account having been created outside of their district is NOT associated with their district.  Use the following tutorial to associate the teacher with your district.

NOTE: On occasion this option will not work.  Email: [email protected] explaining that you cannot add a particular teacher to your school even with the 'Add an Existing User' button.  Be sure you give the teacher's first, last name, and email.

When would you use the 'Add Existing User' option?:

If the email error says there is already a user for a teacher using your school's domain, you can try the 'Add Existing User' button.

When would this option NOT apply?

Teachers and students need globally unique usernames. If another user has the SAME username, you will not be able to add any user with that username since it has been taken by an individual perhaps not even in your school district. Please choose a different username.

Steps for adding an existing user.

1. Login to your account. At the 'Users' page, click 'Add Existing User'.

2. Add an email address to see if the system will find an existing user and associate that user with your school/district.

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