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eBook Admin: Set a limit to number of eBooks.

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This article describes how you can limit the number of licenses  a teacher has available to assign to other users.

1. After logging in with eBook Admin rights:

  • Select 'Manually Assign Teacher License' from the 'eBook Admins' menu.
  • Select 'Manage License Providers'.
  • Select the 'License Pool' if you have more than one.
  • Choose the user account that you want to manage.
  • Click the 'Set Limit' button on the licenses you want to manage for this user.

2. Set limits for a license:

  • You can see current limits, if any.
  • Select 'Restrict License Usage?'.
  • Type in the new limit.
  • Click 'Save Limit'.
  • After limits are saved click 'Cancel' to exit.

3. View your changes:

You have now set limits on the amount of licenses available for this user to assign to other users.

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