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eBook Admin: Delete a Class

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This article describes how to delete a class that was erroneously created or cancelled.

Delete a Class from the 'Classes' Page
  • Navigate to the Classes page from the 'eBook Admins' menu.
  • Search/find the class you want to delete.
  • At the far right, click the 'Delete' button.
Delete a Class from the 'Schools' Page
  • From the 'eBook Admins' Menu at the top, select 'Schools'.
  • Warning: If you want to delete a class, DO NOT DELETE THE SCHOOL!
  • Go into the school by clicking on the school title or 'View' button at the right.
  • Once in the 'School' view, scroll to the 'School Classes' Section.
  • Search/Find the school you want to delete.
  • Click the 'Delete' button at the far right.
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