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Create a Faculty Enrollment PIN

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This article describes the process for creating a Faculty Enrollment Pin so that teachers can self select their eBooks needed for the school year. The PIN will facilitate the following:

  1. The PIN removes all previously assigned teacher eBooks from the teacher's account and assigns each teacher only what they request from a list of available eBooks.
  2. The PIN will associate anyone within our system having an email with your school's domain with your school/district.
  3. The PIN will allow teachers permission to issue student edition eBooks thereby making them 'license providers' for student eBooks.

In addition, teachers may notice that:

  1. Teacher notes stored in previously held eBooks will NOT BE LOST.  Notes are associated with the login and not a particular license.  Teachers will see their previous notes when issued the eBook again.
  2. eBook Admins can easily remove licenses from teachers who requested more eBooks than they actually need.

2. Choose a school from the list.

  • You can create as many school as you wish.
  • Some districts choose to have only 1 'district school' so that this choice is easy.

3. Enter the pool, domain, date, and SAVE.

  • School's with only 1 pool will not be asked to select a pool!
  • The domain is the part after the @ symbol in your school's email address. If you do NOT have the option to add a domain, it has already been set!
  • Choose the date from the calendar icon at the right.

4. Click you understand the security warning and the domain setting.

  • A PIN poses a convenience to you and your teachers for easy access to eBooks.
  • However, it is a security risk to have an open PIN which students and/or parents could access teacher editions should a teacher leave the PIN in plain sight. So the PIN is disabled after 1 week. The eBook, however, is usually available to the teacher for the school year.
  • CHECK the domain listed.  If it is NOT correct, send a message to [email protected] letting us know what the domain should be.

5. Give the generated PIN to your teachers.

  • Remind teachers NOT to display the PIN for others to view.
  • Some schools use the PIN only during a department meeting and disable it afterwards to avoid a security risk.
  • Teachers go to: https://enroll.cpm.org to enter the PIN.
  • Note: the PIN below is for display purposes only.  It is NOT active!
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