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CCA2 6.1.2: 3D Point Plotter and Graphing Linear Equations in Three Variables (CPM)

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1. Enter the points (x, y, and z).
  1. Click on the point plotter button to add a point.
  2. Click on the (x, y, z) coordinates.
  3. Type or click the '–' and '+' to modify the coordinates.
  4. Click the trace button to view the path.
Point Plotter:
2. Enter the coefficients of an equations in the form: ax + by + cz = d.
  1. Click on the plane plotter button to add a plane.
  2. Click on the equation to view the variables and constant.
  3. Type or click the '–' and '+' to modify the coordinates for the variables and constant.
  4. Click the intersect button to view the point the plane crosses the x, y, & z axes.
Plane plotter:
3. You can...

Change colors of the points and plane.

  1. Click and hold on the colored buttons to view the settings.
  2. Select the color you want to use.

Add description, clear or save your work.

  1. Click the Pen & Paper icon and select Options, Clear All or Save.

Options - Add Title and  Description of your work.

Clear Tiles - This will remove all the points and plane.

Save - This will save all the changes made.

Find more information in the the help (?) button.

  1. Click ‘?’ to view Help window.
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