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CC2 5.2.2: 5-37 Student eTool (CPM)

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Use this eTool to simulate the problem below.

Sophia and her brother are trying to create a fair game in which you roll two number cubes. They cannot agree on the probability that the numbers on both number cubes will be even, so they decide to design a simulation.

a. Make a conjecture. What is the probability both dice are even?

b. Design a simulation with a random number generator. How many random numbers do you need? In what interval should the numbers be? How many times will you do the simulation?

c. Set up and run the simulation that you designed with the random number generator and estimate the probability. How does it compare with your conjecture from part (a)?

Use the random generator tool to simulate the number cubes. Click and hold (1 or 2 seconds) the random number generator until options come up to modify it.

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